Port Cros island

There are no cars in Port-Cros…not even a bike to disturb the insular calm. Heart of the National Park created in 1963, the wildest and best preserved of the Golden Isles is made for hiking. Be Robinson Crusoe for a day and set upon the island’s marked trails, losing yourself among the arbutus and cistus trees. Three trails running along the coast and inland will take you on a discovery hike amidst Port-Cros’ natural and cultural wonders.

If the islands’ natural beauty and authentic flora and fauna remain intact to this day, it is thanks to the tireless work carried out by the Port-Cros National Park. The Park, with the help of its partners, has been protecting these spectacular landscapes since 1963. The National Park consists of two cores: the island of Port-Cros and “theprotected natural spaces on the island of Porquerolles belonging to the State”. The waters, within a distance of 600 metres from the shores are also part of the National Park. You have an important part to play in preserving the natural beauty of these landscapes for future generations. Please respect the Park’s regulations.